Mike Rotated“What do Presbyterians believe anyway?” That’s usually asked with a tilted head and a furrowed brow – and I COMPLETELY understand! We had that same question in mind (with that same tone) when we visited Westminster Presbyterian Church way back in 1997, having moved back from Florida and having attended a mega church in Tampa. What we found first is that Westminster was a place for sinners who needed a Savior. And we found it through the inerrant Word preached and taught from the pulpit and classrooms, studied and lived out in the homes her people, taken and shared in the community and around the world in love and obedience to Jesus’ last words on this earth. We found it to be a place of restoration for our family and extreme grace.

Since being called back as her pastor, my own history with this church continues to shape our vision. We really are all just beggars who have found bread, showing others where we’ve found food.

Westminster is a place of mission. We have partnered deeply with area ministries and schools and neighborhoods and sought to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, in spite of our warts. We’ve watched a neighborhood school’s scores rise significantly because redemption is very physical. We’ve watched men fall in love with Jesus and His Word even in the confines of incarceration.

Westminster is a place of growth. We are part of the Bride of Christ, making herself ready for the Big Day, along with all the other churches and believers who are about the same thing. And so we love learning about repentance, grace, holiness, mission, and especially worship.

Is Westminster perfect? If it was, I’d have to leave because I am the chief of sinners! Westminster is for people like me who need grace. 

I believe you will find us to be a God centered, caring community of individuals who are excited about having the opportunity to extend to you the same love, hope and joy we have received in the Gospel – that joy inflicting good news that God is making us into a new humanity.  We extend to you a cordial invitation to join us as the family assembles to draw near to God through authentic, heartfelt worship.

Mike Allen