This page is intended to answer some of your questions about online giving to Westminster. If you don’t see a question you have addressed here, please contact us at

  • Is giving this way secure? Vanco uses the same type of security technology as other online vendors you may commonly use today. If you are already comfortable making online transactions, then you should feel confident using Westminster’s system.
  • Are there fees? Yes, but only for the church. The fees charged for these transactions are in line with the fees which any online retailer or charity would pay to receive payments/contributions online. To offset these fees Westminster has made arrangements with ACS Technologies to reduce our monthly software subscription charges.
  • Do I now have to make my contributions online? No. If you don’t wish to use it, just continue making your contributions in the traditional way. If you wish, you may use it to make only MMO or lily/poinsettia payments. Actually, you can start and stop using the online system any time you want.
  • Why is Westminster doing this? It is meant to be a convenience to givers and recognizes the change in the way many families now handle their personal finances.
  • How do I make changes to recurring contributions created through the app or by text? These changes (including deletion) should be done by logging into your member account by going through our Give page or at
  • Can I see how much I have given this year? Yes. By logging into your account, you can see your Giving History. The church will still mail annual contribution reports for your tax documentation.
  • Some of my information in my profile isn’t correct? If you find errors, please send us any corrections you desire. Note that we do not collect all of the information (ie: college degree, etc) that the system allowed.
  • I don’t see all of my family listed in the profile. Don’t worry. The accounting database is not the official church roster. But we would like to know of omissions. We will continue to cross-check with the church directory and make updates.
  • In the phone app, what are the other menu items I am seeing? The Church Life app and Access ACS have several additional features (such as meeting registration, church calendar, and members directory) that we may add in the future. These are not “turned on” at this time, but remain in the menu.