Christmas Eve Services

This year we are offering two Christmas Eve services.  The first service, ” The Celebration of Christmas”, will be at 6:00PM and will be our traditional service with carols, communion, and candlelight.  Due to space limitations we are adding a service that will be distinct from the traditional 6:00pm service.  The second service, “The Strings of Christmas” will be offered at 11:00PM and will be all strings (violin, viola, cello) accompanied by acoustic guitar.  The seating will be arranged more intimately (safely), and everything will be on the floor of our sanctuary.  It will be a service you won’t soon forget.  Although different, this service will also include carols, communion, and candlelight.  We need to know which service you plan to attend (or if you intend to come to both) so that we can safely plan the seating.  Please RSVP for the service(s) you plan to attend by clicking the link below or contacting the church office.